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Elektronisk & automatisk körjournal

Körjournal SL10

Wireless / plug and play­­
Built-in alarm
Meets the Swedish Tax requirements
Automatic / data storage for 7 years
Measurements: 50x49,6x25 mm

Total: 349 SEK/Month
Basic: 149 SEK/Month

Map and Real-Time tracking is included.

Stöldskydd. Tracker.

Stöldskydd SL20

GPS tracking in real time
Plug in the device on +/-, Done!
Water and dust resistant
requires power supply
Measurements: 102x46x21 mm

149 SEK/Month

Hardware cost: 995 SEK

Stöldskydd SL30

GPS tracking in real time
Long life battery (5 years)
Approved by SSF Theft Protection
Does not require power supply
Measurements: 118x69,5x26,8 mm

Long Life: 99 SEK/Month

Hardware cost: 995 SEK

Elektronisk körjournal

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