Vehicle Tracker

Use Mileage tracking to keep record of your work and personal travels. Theft protect your belongings.
Smart and safe!

Smartlogg elektronisk-korjournal Vehicle Tracker

Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle Tracker that meets all of the Swedish Tax Agency’s requirements. Fully automatic with data storage for 5 years. The smartest way to protect your company and employees!

Smartlogg smartlogg_stoldskydd Vehicle Tracker

Theft protection with GPS

Getting your personal things stolen, is unpleasant but also time consuming. We offer theft protection system based on our GPS Tracking devices. It’s ready to use immediately upon delivery!

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All-in-one solution

Use all the services and features on your computer, tablet and phone. Track everything in real time!

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Automatic mileage tracking
Our vehicle tracker with mileage tracking is the smartest solution for anyone who are using a car at work. Smartlogg automatically documents all your driving with GPS, calculates mileage and saves you from spending time on paperwork and tax assessments from the Swedish Tax Agency.

No Installation – No Hassle!
Every trip in abundant detail, right at your fingertips. View the log from your vehicle tracker on your computer, tablet or phone. The unit is delivered preconfigured and is ready to use immediately and integrates easily in your vehicle.

Our mileage tracker automatically documents all trips and requires no installation.

Smartlogg automatically document all trips via GPS. Simple and convenient – you don’t have to do edit manually

Eco-driving, with our service you can easily see how your driving style impact the environment. You can save up to 20% in fuel, service and repair.

Here we list some of the insurance companies that have chosen to work with our solution.

Check with your company about the discounts you are entitled to.

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Smartlogg folksam Vehicle Tracker
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Traffic management
All vehicles are shown in real time on the same map. You can get directions and see the current traffic situation so you can send the driver who is closest to the end client.

Customer invoicing
Summarize selected trips and split time spent on the road and working hours on site for easy invoicing.

Private or work? Set your schedule and the categorization will be done automatically.

Driver identification
With driver identification, drivers can easily check in and out on the various vehicles they use.

Mark recurring locations with customer names / projects and they are automatically entered in the log.

Get an alarm in case of theft or if someone pulls out the unit. Get notified if the vehicle has been stationary for over a week.

Right now map and real-time tracking is included!

Hi there! Now you can get Smartlogg’s Vehicle Tracking Total for 349 SEK / month, or choose a simpler basic version from 149 SEK / month. Fill in your details below and we will help you shortly.

Smartlogg elektronisk-korjournal Vehicle Tracker